What this US presidential election of Nov. 8, 2016, tells me is that we are still living in the Reagan Revolution. People say Hillary was a weak candidate. I agree insofar as I thought from the beginning that she was unlikely to win because too many people hated her, which was clear to anyone who lived through the 1990s and watched the Clintons through the White House. Not just 20/20 hindsight, but not something I crowed about publicly because I wanted her to win, and why run down your candidate? In a two-way race, she was the only candidate for decent human values, or even their semblance.

However, I also thought that people on the right hated her because (a) America is misogynist (just look around at pop culture); (b) American is racist (evidence all around); (c) America is religiously fanatical (ditto, which also leads to a and b); and most importantly: (d) they were TOLD to hate her EVERY DAY by the conservative media since circa 1992.

The far right succeeded in controlling the minds of the populace enough so that the liberal-progressives (let’s not call them Democrats particularly) could not make effective systemic progress but only incremental. Therefore, even though Hillary began her political life more idealistically, like just about every other politician you can think of that rose to high office she had many, many compromises to make. The Democrats, as Bill Clinton was, have been reacting to the Reagan Revolution since 1980. They have never been leading policy-making but only trying to keep their finger in the dyke. I am not saying they are free from blame in this, because obviously they are not. I am not saying they are my ideal candidates because they are not.

What I am saying is that the liberal-progressives, or in some cases revolutionary anarchist libertarians, are NOT grasping the fact that they have fundamentally misdiagnosed the nature of the problem here. What are the expectations of a “strong” candidate? Obama swept into office and then was blocked from effective action soon after. Same thing happened to Bill Clinton at the midterm elections. What does it take for the people on the left to look at the bigger picture here and stop falling for the red herring? Stop blaming your candidate and start fighting the opposition more effectively. Stop thinking that most of the people in the US are literate. Only 27% of Americans have a “college” degree, and “college” education very often means that they learned to write the basic sentence they never learned to write in high school.

Open your eyes, people.

Those liberal-progressives, or in some cases anarchists apparently, who didn’t vote for Hillary on “principle” or out of “conscience” just let a sexual predator racist bigot take over the planet.